Fibre Arts / Mixed Media

Fibre arts and mixed media are fascinating and engaging modes of creativity. The challenge of producing works containing ideas, images, meanderings, that utilise the range of dyed, printed, painted or otherwise changed materials informs the final works. Time is required for layering, stitching, adding or subtracting ephemera, creating a whole new layer – orimage – that speaks of the subject matter. It is this combination of elements that brings together a range of responses to the themes and ideas being explored.

These pieces can be soft, as in three pieces of fabric joined together like aquilt, but so much more – because they tell a story. Or the pieces can be placed on canvas. My fibre arts and mixed media pieces are embellished in a range of ways stitch, paint, additions of found object and demonstrates their organic nature. They can tell a story, or they can create a mood, and invite the viewer to engage with arts works.