I am a contemporary mixed media artist,  and art really matters to me.  My work is informed by a range of issues, opportunities and life choices.  My art practice began as a clay sculptor.  The tactile, plasticity and manipulative qualities in clay entranced me. Clay enabled me to begin to find my artistic voice. However, so many moves and journeys in my life made it  difficult to keep working with clay.  Since I had always worked with cloth, that was the medium I turned too. 

My art is, more often than not, about the process and not necessarily about the product or outcome.  My work is frequently informed by my life, I respond to the joyous sense of play as I work, I respond to emotions – inner and outer.  During times that have been more challenging it has been a solace and an opportunity to express emotions.  As an educator myself, I strongly believe in and support continuous learning.  I am constantly looking for opportunities to enhance my skills, learn new techniques and share in the greater community of other artists.