Welcome to my blog

Not only am I a contemporary mixed media artist, I am also deeply concerned with caring for the environment and an avid gardener.  I lived the first 17 years of my life with a father, who farmed the land, and a mother who built beautiful gardens where ever we lived.  I too have nurtured the land and built gardens during the journey of my life.  Gardening is creative, as well as being good for the body and soul. Caring for nature and the environment has to be one of my life’s great pleasures.  The richness of gardening has provided me with joy, physical activity, good eating, delightful perfume and plenty of opportunities to use its myriad gifts in my art work.

As a contemporary mixed media artist I most often use fabric and thread.  However, I also play and experiment with a range of different media and ways of making marks.  I have used leaves and parts of plants to dye fabric and paper. I have screen printed fabrics using paper cut stencils. I have made lino cuts to print on fabric or paper. I have utilised a variety of paints, or marked with ink, eco dyed, rusted or altered the materials I wish to use in wide ranging ways.

As my life and creative journey continues I will add to the blog … meandering thoughts, ideas, works in progress. – perhaps even new adventures in the world of the arts. 

Year Of the Rabbit 2023

Happy New Year – 2023 has arrived.  Pandemic, Floods and Beyond!   Now for a wonderful fresh start at the beginning of this Year of

A sewing journey

My journey to this place and point in time has been full of life and learning experiences. My mother was a fantastic seamstress, a very